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Practical support

I remember laughing at another mum’s comment about not being able to even go to the toilet without help from someone else to hold the baby in the first few months of having a newborn. This was before I had my own baby. When I finally held my baby boy in my arms I felt so overwhelmed and helpless to do exactly that simple task; going to the toilet on my own and leaving the baby. My wounds from birth hadn’t fully healed yet which meant that going to the toilet wasn’t as smooth and plain sailing as before. No one else was home on that day so I didn’t have any help around. Not being from Edinburgh or Scotland for that matter meant that I didn’t have a village to support me in those crucial first few months of becoming a mother. I was mostly alone with my baby on seemingly endlessly long days. How I wished for someone to be there to hold my baby for me so I could go to the toilet, have a warm bath and even a nap whilst someone else took care of the little needs my baby had at the time. I needed someone to look after me so I could look after my baby properly. 

From working with lots of new mums, I know that many feel the same way as I did in those early days. Needing help that seemingly isn’t readily available - the village that mums need for support to rest, heal and adjust calmly and slowly to motherhood. That’s where the practical support service comes in; a ‘nanny-on-call’ for anything a mum might need help with. Holding the baby so mum can have a shower or bath, go for a nap, have a hot meal or cup of tea, someone to do the washing or tidying up for her. Someone who can be a little bit of that missing village for her so she can feel supported in her new role as a mum. Practical support TIME can also be a great gift for a new mum instead of sendingher flowers or gifts for the newborn baby. Practical support is what every mum needs most in those early days. Practical support TIME is more flexible than a babysitter or other conventional support; it’s by the hour and can be booked ad-hoc meaning that it can be a one-off support or an hour one week on a Tuesday and another hour on a Wednesday the next week. It’s designed to be as flexible as possible to support the unpredictable needs and time and schedule of a new mum. 

This can also be a fantastic GIFT for a new mum instead of sending her flowers and clothes for the baby of which she will get plenty of anyway when all she really needs is practical support.


A practical support time gift is £25/hour.

An additional charge might apply for clients outwith Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

If you want to understand more about my other services such as counselling, then click here.

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