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You. Are. Enough.

You have always been enough. That’s my core belief in people and forms the basis of my work. All too often, we find ourselves in the new role of being a mother and what we thought was going to be a joyful, easy ride might have turned out differently to what we had expected. This is probably why you are here. And I am here for you. And for all of you.

Who I am 

Hi, I'm Katalin. My passion for wanting to support mums was borne out of my own difficult journey into motherhood.


A challenging pregnancy and a traumatic birth followed by severe postnatal depression and PTSD fuelled my drive to working with mums to make their journeys more manageable and enjoyable. Having worked hard on recovering from this difficult start to motherhood, I went on to train as a counsellor at the University of Edinburgh (MSc) and  Chrysalis (Postgraduate Diploma). I have completed numerous trainings on trauma - specifically birth trauma and continue to participate in CPDs to inform my practice as a perinatal mental health counsellor. 

Image of Katalin Thomann with her children
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Thought Based Approach

I’m trained in the psychodynamic and person-centred approach as well as the integrative approach, which means that I have a vast tool kit to chose from to support my clients, enabling me to suit their very individual needs for therapy and support. 

The birth of a child can often trigger memories from our own childhood and how we may have experienced it. I am here for my clients to explore all feelings and all feelings are acceptable in the space I offer. The good and the more difficult ones. I am here for my clients - and for everything they bring.

How I work

Having worked with mothers for the last few years and being a mum to two small children as well, I appreciate the need for flexibility when it comes to ME time. I therefore offer sessions online at various times during the day as well as evenings. 

Where specifically requested, I can also offer sessions at someone’s home (fees may vary). I truly believe that at our core we are good enough - we just need to find the way back to ourselves so we can enjoy the time on this planet. 

I work client-led which means that there is no minimum requirement of number of sessions nor is there a limit to the length of time we can work together. I am here for my clients for as long as they need my support.


I believe that at the heart of change through counselling lies the therapeutic alliance between the client and the counsellor. Get in touch to find out more.

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