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Perinatal Counselling

I have a true passion to support mums in adjusting and finding their way into the new life chapter of motherhood. Becoming a mum can often trigger our own of motherhood. Becoming a mum can often trigger our own early childhood experiences with our parents, leaving us in an even more vulnerable state as a new mum. Having worked through my own rollercoaster ride of emotions when I became a mother, I focused my work and clinical research on how women are conditioned by the Western society of “needing to have it all” – the pressure of being perfect in every way. From working with mothers over the last few years, it has become very apparent that there is a common theme when we experience the transition into motherhood as difficult. The feeling of not being good enough often lies at the core of the work with my clients and I offer a safe and calm space to explore all feelings – and all feelings are welcome, difficult and dark as they may be.

I am particularly interested in early childhood experience and how they have shaped our view of the world. Trauma can occur in many different shapes and forms and we are often not aware of what trauma meant for us and how we internalised such events, still carrying them with us. Often, the birth of a child can bring such trauma to the forefront again leaving us with emotions and feelings that we are unable to process or place.

I work collaboratively around a range of what you might find difficult including: 

  • Infertility

  • Birth trauma

  • Trauma (own childhood trauma or other traumas – often we do not see certain eventas having been traumatic but they might have left a deep wound) 

  • Postpartum anxiety

  • Intrusive thoughts (possibly about the baby too)

  • Not enjoying motherhood, feeling low

  • Anger and rage

  • Baby loss

  • Loss (related to your identity, the body, community, partner)

How I work

I trained in the Psychodynamic and the Person-Centred modalities as well as the integrative approach, which means that I can draw on a wider toolkit of modalities to support my clients' individual needs.


I am specifically trained in trauma work, which includes birth trauma and early childhood trauma, and my focus lies on continuous development and course engagement in this area as well as the latest research in neuroscience.

Get in touch to see how we can work together.


Session fee £65

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