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"When a mother somewhere forgives herself for being human,

earth exhales a little."


Asking for help when you are struggling with this new role as a mother is the first step of a road that can start to feel more manageable to walk on. But it is also the hardest step. Our society has made us believe that we need to be perfect – especially as mothers. It should come naturally, we should be great at this new job, we should feel happy, we should look amazing right after birth and simply wing this monumental task of looking after a human being we made. And we should do and be all this without any help. We should and can have it all.

The truth is that we have forgotten how to live in a village. The village that supports us throughout pregnancy and especially after we have given birth to look after us and our new baby. The village that would make us healthy food, look after our baby so we can rest and recover from pregnancy and the incredible event of having given birth. The village that would pass on wisdom from other mothers of how to care for ourselves and our baby. How to adjust to this new role of being a mother. The village that would catch us when we fall.


I too thought I could do it all on my own when I became a mother. I believed I needed to be perfect, the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect everything. And I was crushed by the incredible task of having to do it all on my own. Through my own journey of recovering from PTSD and PND after I had my first baby, I realised just how much more support new mothers need on this journey into motherhood. I feel truly passionate about supporting pregnant women and new mothers through my counselling and support services, so that their experience of motherhood can be a more enjoyable one. I will be your village.

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